• Origins

    Nader is a Parisian based atelier that creates timeless dresses for timeless women. From concept to realization, this creative project was born from love, intuition, and a natural affinity towards expansiveness and creative exploration.

    Founded in the Summer of 2020 by Anise Makvandi; the name of the brand takes itself after her late father. With a devotion towards grace and beauty, the fabrics selected are all high quality natural fibres locally sourced in Paris, and every stitch and seam is hand crafted with love and care in our atelier in the 20ème arrondissement.

    At Nader, there is a simplicity we believe in that reveals itself in the intuitive elegant silhouettes and refined textures that ultimately make the women who wear our dresses feel good, confident and exalted in their Femininity.

  • Commitment

    At Nader, we care about sustainability and treating the Earth, its inhabitants and ourselves with love and care. All of our fabric is sourced locally and our garments are made by hand and with loving attentiveness in Paris, France.

    We believe in and trust that through mindfulness and consideration we can create pieces that will find its way to the wardrobes of those who feel drawn to our ethos. To support the environment and practice sustainability, we create rare-quantity runs of each collection.

  • Love

    Additional to creating timeless pieces from intuition and with care, 10 percent of each piece sold goes to a charity of the founder's choice.

    At Nader, we really believe in leading with our hearts and our ultimate goal is to live authentically while inspiring other women to do so. Our dresses are made with the intention of accompanying you like a dear friend throughout your life; for the simple moments, the important landmarks, and the fluttering dance in between, our dresses are made to fluidly adapt to the landscape of your days, as you both read and write your own story.

    With love,